For naan bread encrusted with spices, and spicy tofu – there’s the Muslim Bahali Xinjiang Restaurant. This combination (see featured image) costs 23 RMB and comes with a full pot of tea (more if you want). It’s more than I can eat in one go – so it’s a doggie-bag to have the rest for lunch or dinner next day.  They make the breads in a huge oven out on the street.

Menu with notes DSC_9171
A page of the Chinese menu with translations courtesy Google Translate.
Naan menu _9177
Thick spicy naan breads in their menu.

Lots of other things on offer – the braised eggplant is another favourite. A lot of their dishes are shown in a photographic menu, along with English description, but the basic menu is all in Chinese.

From outside DSC_9179
Making naan breads in the oven out on the street.
Eggplant DSC_9176
Braised eggplant in the menu.

The Bahali Xinjiang is on Ji’e Alley.

Street map

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