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Miocene Retrophyllum fossil, Manuherikia Group, New Zealand
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Miocene Swamp Forests of St Bathans, New Zealand

The white sands and muds surrounding Blue and ‘Grey’ Lakes at St Bathans were laid down in a braided river (Manuherikia Group; Douglas 1986). About twenty million years ago, in the Miocene period, It was flowing from the New Zealand hinterland in the west to… Read more

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The Day I Walked Around the Roman Empire

When Emperor Constantine¬†woke up on May 28, 1453, it would have been to the depressing thought that it was likely his last day on Earth. Justinian was emperor of the Roman Empire (we tend to call them Byzantine, but they thought of themselves as Romans),… Read more

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Cheap Eats Nanjing 21 – Cheese Time

Ah, the eternal quest for a kiwi in China to find …. cheese. I foraged far and wide, and finally, one evening, at my foraging limits, a place advertising itself with the words ‘CHEESE’! The fine print said it was ‘Cheese Time’ and a ‘Cheese… Read more