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Life’s Lessons on the road: hitch-hiking in West Germany

The key to hitching in West Germany, as one quickly learned, was the free booklet that you could pick up at any autobahn service station. Specifically, it was the center two pages. You could pull them out and ditch the rest. Those pages opened out… Read more

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(Both) Battles of Breitenfeld – a day’s walk near Leipzig

It is a macabre thought that in these days of GIS and databases, someone could probably come up with a map of Europe – colour-coded by the amount of human lives lost in battles over the past score of centuries or so. I wonder what… Read more

Hamburg, Christman
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Traditional Christmas in Hamburg

Late 1984, I was booted out of Denmark and hit the next ferry to Puttgarden  (this was a condition of the local cops when they gave my passport back), then hitched my way south through the mist-swathed Northern German Plain towards Hamburg.  Being the old-days, East… Read more