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New Zealand’s Hawks Crag Breccia – prelude to the drift from Gondwana

The New Zealand road network has some seriously quirky idiosyncrasies – little things we locals take for granted, but can cause some alarm to the ever-increasing number of tourists. There are, for example, hundreds of ‘one lane’ bridges. And about these,  I was once asked,… Read more

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The Lost Forest of the Ashley River, Canterbury, New Zealand

A gem in the heart of Christchurch is Riccarton Bush (sometimes called Deans Bush). It’s a patch of original kahikatea forest, just a few hundred meters from the Riccarton shopping center (See Molloy,1995, for pretty much all you need to know about the forest). As anyone… Read more

Phyllocladus fossil, Miocene Manuherikia Group, New Zealand
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Phyllocladus fossils from the Miocene of New Zealand, and Cretaceous Protophyllocladus

A rare plant fossil in the Miocene Manuherikia Group of New Zealand, is Phyllocladus (the Celery Pine). This is a strange conifer which, instead of leaves, the adult plant has multi-veined flattened branches that are called phylloclades. With these phylloclades, the average person would scarcely believe Phyllocladus is… Read more