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When Corals Lived in the Mongolian Gobi

Corals in Mongolia – is there a better example of dramatic Earth-change?! The Gobi Altai -the mountains flanking the Gobi Desert, are far from the sea. They are semi- arid, bitterly cold in the winter, with lots of bare rock and virtually no trees.  Nomadic… Read more

Mongolia- on top of a mountain, one vehicle stuck in snow, the other with engine issues.
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In Mongolia any fool can drive, but…

In five years or so  in and out of Mongolia, I’ve criss-crossed thousands of kilometres by 4WD Landcruiser. But I’ve only taken the wheel once, and that was for a short hop back to a village when my driver wasn’t well. Let me explain. Technically,… Read more

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Mongolia – From Death-threats to a camel-ride

It’s March 2009 in Mongolia and there is an ill-feeling along the Gobi Altai. The year before, and some months after the last time I was in the area, a massive flash-flood had barreled out of the mountains. It funneled down what is normally a… Read more

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A Glimpse in to the Rise of the Mongolian Gobi Altai

The Gobi is the great desert that extends along southern Mongolia and northern China. Its northern extent is marked by a series of mountain ranges called the Gobi Altai (Altai means ‘golden’). The mountains appear desert-like, with usually nothing higher than small shrubs growing on them,… Read more

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Mixed-up with Mongolian Migmatite

When I was a novice geology student, the world appeared kind of simple. Faced with a rock, I could ask myself the most fundamental question – is this rock sedimentary, metamorphic or igneous? And there was some sort of expectation that the question could be answered… Read more

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Really Old Mongolian Limestone

We set up ‘camp’ at the base of Mongolia’s ‘White Doors’ — a gap in a massive outcrop of vertically-tilted limestone. ‘Camp’ was the three of us, our swags (roll-up beds we just placed on the ground and slept under the stars) and our big… Read more

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Mongolia – The Lost Forests of the Gobi

I grew-up in a semi-arid, naturally treeless part of the world – Central Otago, New Zealand. Well, actually not quite. There are tantalising scraps here and there that hint that the mountains and valleys were once forested. These include tiny relicts of the former vegetation,… Read more