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Cheap Eats Nanjing 2 – Biangbiang Noodles

I had to warm a little to this place – its signature dish, ‘Biangbiang Noodles’, means you are trying to eat (with chopsticks) something that is like an enormously elongated and slippery chink of lasagna. At first I found it impossible to haul the stuff up more than about an inch out of the bowl. So the solution has been to have my head in the bowl while I slowly chomp it into manageable bits. But the taste and price have trumped the mechanical logistics. For 18 RMB you get a large bowl of noodles in a spicy sauce with veges, eggs, and some meat, plus a soup. Only a few dishes are advertised with photos, but there are many more options if you can read the Chinese.

As advertsied 9161

This is the Biangbiang Noodles, as advertised inside. The first two characters means ‘biangbiang’, I guess in traditional Chinese. The third character means ‘noodles’,

Part of menu w translation _9159

Plenty of other things on the menu – though not with photographs. Here’s just one section (glad I translated before blindly pointing….)

From outside 9168
The name of the place translates as ‘Xi’an Noodles’  and it is on the south side of the narrow Wenchangqiao Rd (connecting Chengxiang with Taiping Nth Rd, and to the east of Southeast University).

Street map

Xi’an Noodles is the red dot. Green dot is the HotPot Place from previous post.


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