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Cheap Eats Nanjing 6 – the ‘Chicken Curry’ place

If you are like me and get a craving for cheese now and again, there are limited options in Nanjing (I haven’t yet found any shops to simply buy the stuff). One option is a pizza-joint. They are around, but what you get tends to be small for the price. The other little gem I discovered is a family-run place that had, in English “Chicken Curry” written across the front. Yep, that got my attention. I’m not sure if that is the name of the place – I can’t translate what’s above it.

Outside DSC_9227

They will whip up a chicken, milk, rice and cheese bake for 24 RMB (featured image). It’s never crowded – in fact, I’ve never seen anyone else in there. I’ve also tried their basic chicken, curry and rice (The only place I know that does a basic curry and rice).  The young ones do speak English, but the menu is in Chinese.

Other menu with notes

Part of the menu and translations courtesy of Google. Anyone for “Too slippery cow Quanxiongshuifan”? Or even the “Orleans difficult Kuaixianwofan”? (:

The young woman who works in here surreptitiously photographs me with her smart-phone while I’m eating (#strange red-haired foreigner?), but tells me that if i want more rice, “just-ask”. Though perhaps that option is only if you’re photographable.

The Cheese Curry place is in Dashamao Alley, between Jiangjun Alley and Chengxian St.

Nanjing Street map


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