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Cheap Eats Nanjing 21 – Cheese Time

Ah, the eternal quest for a kiwi in China to find …. cheese. I foraged far and wide, and finally, one evening, at my foraging limits, a place advertising itself with the words ‘CHEESE’! The fine print said it was ‘Cheese Time’ and a ‘Cheese Pub’. That’ll do me….

As a starter I got a nice Mushroom soup. I had a Spaghetti with Beef and Black Pepper Sauce. I’m not much into meat these days, but I thought I’d try something other than the obvious pizza. It satisfied the cheese craving.

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It was all-good, although Fools Garden ‘Lemon Tree’ (“And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree”) on endless loop just about drove me mad. It is a bar, so relatively up-market and a bit more than I would normally call ‘cheap eats’.

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Cheese Time is on the corner of Huaqiao and Hongwu North.

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  1. mikepole

    Hi Katie! Good question, I know just how you feel…. The issue took up quite a bit of my time. All I ever managed to find were wedges of soft cheese at the local community supermarket. I kept reading that Carrefour was the place, and made several trips there without spotting any. Good luck , and please report back if you have any success! Cheers, Mike

    • Katie

      Hey hey. I have found some cheese! And not just cheese, but a whole lot of great international food (like Thai curry pastes etc) in a mall shop on shanghai st called ‘Gmart.’ The prices tend to match Nz prices for similar products.

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