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Cheap Eats Nanjing 14 – All You Can Eat – and Drink!

Not really one of the cheapest – by local standards, but hear me out…..

This place is called Jinfushan, it’s an all you can eat buffet for 60 RMB (US$ 9.20). There’s fruits, fresh fruit juice, vegetables, fries, crabs, salads, dumplings, desserts, ice cream. But get this – it’s also all can drink – as in beer or Chinese wine/spirits! Can you imagine this working in a western country?!!!

Offering DSC_9659

Offering DSC_9672

Fruit DSC_9666

Dumplings DSC_9673
Crabs DSC_9665

I went there during the week, invited by a Chinese Prof. Apparently it’s packed in the weekends. The group sitting at the next table gave us glasses of French wine – that they had brought with them. Then left us the bottle. After we finished eating, the staff brought us both a coffee, just as a nice bit of extra service.


All you want beer (top) and all you want Chinese wine/spirits (below)!

Fridge DSC_9671

All you want cold beer as well….

It’s on Zhongshan North Road, two bus stops north of the Drum Tower square/roundabout (near Gulou Metro) and at the intersection with Shanxi Road (SW corner). Go in the building AOX Life, and take the elevator to the top floor. It’s in the far corner of that floor.

Outside Street

Look for this building (opposite side of Zhongshan Rd if you are heading north)


On the top floor, find this entrance.

Street Map Name DSC_9686

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