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Australia’s Bunya Mountains and Alternate World Histories

Could the Bunya Mountains be the one place to turn your preconceptions of human nature on its head? *** I recently finished Bruce Pascoe’s book ‘Dark Emu’. It’s an accumulation of the abundant evidence that Australian Aboriginals practised what was, by any objection definition, agriculture… Read more

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Tracking in the Ancient Dunes of Kings Canyon, central Australia

A camp-fire, such a simple pleasure, second-nature to a lot of us, and yet a whole new experience for some people. Our Emu Run tour arrived in their private camp site near Kings Canyon, Watarrka National Park, towards sunset. We had driven from Uluru for… Read more

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Caterpillar Dreaming – Hiking Australia’s Larapinta Trail

The 220 km Larapinta Trail is a bit of a con…. ________________ It’s a funny thing, despite the Larapinta Trail being regarded as something of a toughie, just about any one I mentioned it to had either done it, or done part of it. Officially,… Read more

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What’s Happening to New Zealand’s Haast Pass?

It was next morning that I heard the bridge had washed away. I had hammered over it during the night – back in the 90s – a time when you could do a tad over the speed limit on country roads, with reasonable confidence nobody… Read more

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Life’s Lessons on the road: hitch-hiking in West Germany

The key to hitching in West Germany, as one quickly learned, was the free booklet that you could pick up at any autobahn service station. Specifically, it was the center two pages. You could pull them out and ditch the rest. Those pages opened out… Read more

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I Was Nominated For A Sunshine Blogger Award!

Thank you, ‘What A WanderFull World‘, for nominating me for a 2018 Sunshine Blogger Award! What A WanderFull World’ can be found at: What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded to bloggers who inspire sunshine in the lives of… Read more

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That Bare-Foot Guy on the Overland Track, Tasmania

“Has any one seen the guy in bare feet and a track-suit? He’s mad” ++++++++++ Kate and I were reasonably experienced back-country walkers and we were expecting some bad weather on Tasmania’s Overland Track. We had carefully selected clothes, a tent, and sufficient food for… Read more

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Where Mongolians fought to the last man

“Would you like to see a Museum?” We were in one of the most remote parts of Mongolia – and I wondered what my driver was talking about. Work Place Health and Safety in Mongolia really came down to you – ‘Don’t Do Stupid Stuff… Read more

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Sarajevo- The Black Swan and the Trickster

At the same moment I realised I was in a mine field, two guys at a bar noticed the same thing. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ In Sarajevo, you can stand on the spot where, on June 28, 1914, Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. It’s… Read more

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Gujurat, India: a lost dream, lucre and an hierloom

India, love it or hate it, so they say. Rajastan was getting me down. Its sights are amazing, but along those well-trodden tourist-routes, from the minute you head outside your room, til the time you head back at night – you are pestered. If it’s… Read more