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Cheap Eats Nanjing 8 – Boiled Dumplings

I’ve been going to this place since Day-One. Fortunately I had a local with me at that time to point things out. Now they know me, and what I’m after when I wave and point.  The specialty is traditional boiled dumplings. There are various fillings and the price is by 100g (GoogleTranslate is not doing well with the script, so I’ll have to get help on that one). They make up your dumplings to order.



Menu DSC_9193


For a decent lunch or a modest dinner, I ask for 300 g, and it gets me what you see in the featured image. Twelve RMB has got to be the best value feed anywhere. Every table has a stack of little plastic dishes, some soy sauce and some curry/chili/sambal. You mix this together in your bowl, and dunk the dumplings in.

Outside DSC_9203Nanjing Street map

If you walk down Chenxiang and get to a point where you find yourself having to climb over scooters and bikes parked all over the footpath – you’re probably directly outside. Heck, it’s Xmas Eve, maybe I’ll go there now….



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