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Cheap Eats Nanjing 13 – Savoury Pancakes

This place is part of a chain called Huiwei. I first came across them elsewhere in Nanjing and for a couple of visits, I bought a bowl of noodles and had a savoury pancake as well.  Now, for a light dinner, I just have the pancakes. They are 5 RMB each. Usually three do me, but the last time I was a bit peckish and grabbed four (see featured image).


The pancakes are just below center.


Other selections on the menu.

They are nice, although hell to try and eat with chopsticks! Huiwei is in Beijing Alley, just south of the canal. Beijing Alley is the southern extension of Chenxiang Rd.

Outside _9586 Nanjing Street map

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