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Cheap Eats Nanjing 11 – Fried Dumplings

I’ve been making eyes at this place for ages – the dumplings get cooked in an guaranteed eye-catching arrangement on a hot plate on the street by the front door (see Featured image) and inside it’s usually chocka-block with customers.  Eventually I gave them a go for a quick lunch in the weekend. No sitting room so it had to be take-away. The dumplings are just 1 RMB each. Probably as fattening and unhealthy as any fried food, but – taste sooo good!

The dish DSC_9514

5 RMB of fried dumplings.

It’s another place on Chenxiang Road. Easy to spot with the dumplings being fried outside.

Nanjing Street map

Fried dumplings at the red dot….

Outside DSC_9513




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