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Cheap Eats Nanjing 12 – Sticky Rice Cake and other nibblies

I spotted this little take-away cake shop one evening after getting a cheese fix opposite. Pleasant woman in charge and bunch of nice looking things for sale. I settled on two muffins and a sort of cake. It was very dense, but I had no idea what it was til I cut into it next day. Its a very flaky pastry shell around a solid ‘sticky rice’ core (see featured image). Sticky rice is a kind of glutinous, slightly sweet stuff. The pastry gets everywhere when you eat it, but the sticky rice is quite nice. Good for a once-in-a-while treat.


The lot

The cake and the muffins came to 27 RMB, so I spread them out over a about three lunches.

The place is called Gao Lao Zhuang and is at the intersection of Dudaiying Alley and Hongwu Nth rd ( which is southward continuation of Jinxianghe Rd).

Nanjing Street map

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